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If you’ve struggled to find an effective treatment for depression, contact Andy Mattai, MD, and the other providers at Innovative Psychiatry, LLC, in Columbia, Maryland, and ask about Spravato™. Spravato is an esketamine nasal spray that can help with treatment-resistant depression. Call Innovative Psychiatry or request a consultation online today to learn more about Spravato treatment and determine if it’s right for you.

Spravato Treatment Q & A

What is Spravato?

Spravato is an esketamine nasal spray that can reduce the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. It’s an in-office treatment administered under your Innovative Psychiatry provider’s supervision. It’s often combined with another antidepressant to optimize your results. 

Ketamine consists of two mirror-image molecules known as enantiomers. When ketamine is used as an infusion or as an anesthetic, the drug includes half of each molecule. Esketamine is only the s-enantiomer molecule. 

Spravato is FDA-approved. In clinical studies, the medication reduced depression symptoms. Compared to traditional antidepressants, Spravato is fast-acting. Many patients have said that their symptoms improved within 24 hours. 

How do I use Spravato?

Spravato treatment is only available for in-office use. In addition to having a high risk of misuse, you also need to be observed for 2 hours after you use the medication. Before using the medicine, blow your nose thoroughly. If you’re congested, talk to your provider about whether you should use a saline nasal rinse or a spray decongestant an hour or two before you take Spravato.

What should I expect from Spravato treatment?

Spravato can make you very tired and cause floating or “out of body” sensations. You may have tingling sensations in your extremities or mild hallucinations. When the initial side effects subside, your provider releases you, but a friend or family member needs to drive you home. 

How do I know if Spravato treatment is right for me?

At Innovative Psychiatry, their team of providers conducts comprehensive consultations and exams before prescribing any treatment. If you have depression but haven’t found a medication or treatment that effectively relieves your symptoms, you may be a candidate for Spravato treatment. 

You shouldn’t use Spravato if you have high blood pressure or any other blood vessel problems, heart disease, or liver disease. Additionally, Spravato treatment isn’t appropriate if you have a personal or family history of psychosis or substance use disorder. 

Call Innovative Psychiatry or request an appointment online today to find out if Spravato treatment is right for you.